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Khoo Brothers Air-Cond Engineering Sdn Bhd is a company registered with the Registrar Of Company (ROC) in Malaysia. Our company was incorporated in 7th December 2010 focusing in the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning market. We specialize in Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Cold Room and Chiller as well.

Previously, before Khoo Brothers Air-Cond Engineering Sdn Bhd was incorporated, we have another older company which is called Hi Cool Air-Cond And Refrigeration Services, incorporated since 7th June 2002. The reason why this new company was incorporated was because our business is much expanding, and we need more funds for the business, therefore this new company is set up with a few major shareholders for handling bigger jobs and ready for accepting more projects.

We are authorized dealer for certain brands of air conditioner such as Daikin, Panasonic, Acson and York Air Conditioners. We also provide sales and service for other brands of air conditioners including Daikin, Panasonic, Acson and others branded brand you can mention or request.

Our service includes installation of air conditioners, servicing and repairing which includes normal or chemical service of air conditioners accordingly to the unit conditions. For certain projects, all installation of air conditioners would include Nitrogen Test, of which would enhance all our piping installation and defines if the piping is properly installed without any leakage. Our service also covers for testing and commissioning for most projects.

1.0HP Standard Non-Inverter R32 Air Conditioner CS-PN9WKH-1 (CU-PN9WKH-1)

Torch Brazing Soldering Welding Melting With Hose


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Air Curtain Easi-Gard Series

Acson Ceiling Concealed C Series

Moveo | Portable Air Conditioner | Air Conditioner

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Ceiling Cassette EcoCool C Series (R410A)

AVO Series

Air Filter

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SLM 9 Wired Controller

GS02 Wireless Remote Controller

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Water Cooled VRV - VRV-IV W

Heat Recovery Hot Water VRV - VRV ĘC IV HRHW

Non Inverter - UATN SERIES (R410A)

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Non Inverter - Single Skin Ducted Series (R410A)

Inverter - MKS SERIES (R410A)

Inverter - MKM SERIES (R32)

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Non Inverter - FVN-A SERIES


Non Inverter - FDMN/FDBN-C (R410A)

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Inverter - FBA-B SERIES

Wireless Controller (DGS01)

Wireless Controller (BRC52B65)

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Wired Controller (DSLM8)


Dewpoint Drainage Pump

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