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Non Inverter - Single Skin Ducted Series (R410A)

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Product Range: Non Inverter High Static Ducted Series

Refrigerant: R410A

Daikin ducted split is offering very wide range of product lineup which is applicable from residential, to light commercial or even commercial use.


Microchannel Heat Exchanger (MCHX)

  • Microchannel Heat Exchanger (MCHX) utilizes whole aluminium coils with multiple flat microchannel tubes through which refrigerant flow.
  • As air travels perpendicular to the refrigerant flow, it provides more contact surface area with microchannel tube, therefore increasing the heat transfer performance.

Safety Features

  • High pressure and low pressure protection
  • Phase sequencer is used to detect for any wrong phase and phase loss during installation and operation.
  • Builtrin internal overload protection for compressor

Anti-corrosion Evaporator

R410A ducted blower H-series come standard with hydrophilic coating fin to ensure optimum system effectiveness and durability.

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