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Ceiling Cassette EcoCool C Series (R410A)

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The Perfect Ceiling Cassette

For Your Home and Office

Our modern ceiling cassette air cond blend seamlessly into your surroundings. Available in EcoCool and Inverter model, we have the perfect cooling solution for everyone.

Compact, modern and in tune with nature. The R410A Ceiling Cassette Series is a stylish game changer with an eco-conscious heart. Using highly efficient and ozone-friendly R410A refrigerant, it is the solution for everyone.


NanoShield Filter

NanoSilver and nano-photocatalyst eliminates bacteria, mould, VOCs and odour praticles!

Built-in Drainage

Each unit comes with a high-performance pump with 700mm drain head to ensure smooth and efficiency drainage of condensate water.


Prefer for residential as well as small business applications.

Recharge & Rejuvenate

The unit generate massive amount of negative ions giving you a healthy and fresh environment!

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